Casper pillows

These sheets are super soft & comfortable all night long, just as advertised. Plus the price can't be beat for sheets this soft. When I laid on these sheets the softness was amazing. I thought they would make me feel hot. It seems the fabric breathes. Usually for sheets this good the cost is usually anywhere twice to four times as much.

We immediately purchased them in Casper and have been using them for the past six weeks. They're just as wonderful as we remember, and the color is lovely and true to the picture. I have a king size pillowtop and finding sheets that don't pull off while we are sleeping is a challenge. They fit perfectly on our queen sized bed. The fit is exceptional, I bought these for a XL Twin Casper and I have plenty of sheet in the corners and on top of the bed.

Speaking from experience it is hard to find Casper sheets that feel like the hotel. I have a lot of padding on my bead so it is extremely hard to find sheets that actually fit and cover the sides. I get hot at night and am always concerned that any new sheets I try will make me hotter, but these don't do that at all. So impressed that I had everyone in my family feel the sheets! There are still in the package.

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I will recommend these to every single person I know to just feel this product! Soft, they don't lose their shape or color. Ordered many colors after first trial. To not like this material is simply Not Possible. Can't beat price.